Metalium XDP2000 Metal Cutting Fluid 5Ltr
Metalium XDP2000 Metal Cutting Fluid 5Ltr
Metalium XDP2000 Metal Cutting Fluid 5Ltr
Metalium XDP2000 Metal Cutting Fluid 5Ltr

Metalium XDP2000 Metal Cutting Fluid 5Ltr

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Semi-Synthetic Fluid for Metal Machining

XDP2000 is an advanced semi-synthetic cutting fluid that delivers exceptional stability and surface finishes on ferrous metals, aluminum, and aluminum alloys. Its unique formulation is optimized for use in water with soft to medium hardness and utilizes nano-globules that prevent coalescence, deposition, and other issues commonly found in traditional emulsions. The cutting fluid is designed to meet the latest technological advances and provide exceptional longevity in use. Additionally, XDP2000 is free of secondary amines, nitrites, halogenated derivatives, and any other harmful substances that can affect human health and the environment.


  • Greater cooling power
  • Increased resistance to foreign oils
  • Lower drag
  • High emulsion stability in soft or medium hard water,
  • High power corrosion inhibitor
  • High lubricating effect
  • Keep away swarf and fines from operation area.
  • Reject hydraulic and tramp oil

XDP2000 is dispersed in water by adding the concentrate to the water until the minimum of 4% and the maximum of 12%. The ideal concentration must be determined according to the complexity of the operation and water hardness:
The product will be used for machining aluminium and ferrous alloys which intended to minimize the drag of coolant per piece.


  • Store in a closed area at temperatures not below 5ºC or above 40ºC
  • Shelf life: 1 year
  • Keep the container correctly closed after used to avoid evaporation or contamination.

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