Orbitalum 180SW Smart Orbital Welder
ORBIMAT 180SW Smart Welder Orbitalum
Orbitalum 180SW Smart Orbital Welder
ORBIMAT 180SW Smart Welder Orbitalum
Orbitalum 180SW Smart Orbital Welder

Orbitalum 180SW Smart Orbital Welder

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Voted the worlds best orbital welder the all-new Orbitalum 180SW sets the benchmark in orbital welding delivering 180A Single Phase water-cooled inverter with 100% Duty Cycle at 160A.

Welders quickly fall in love with the 180SW as it effortlessly produces the perfect orbital weld.

Utilising welding 4.0 technology, it is now possible to view weld data and procedures via WLAN network.

Weld engineers, quality control managers, project supervisors and technical superintendents can easily view production results, weld procedures, real-time recorded weld data directly to their computer.

The 12.4" full colour touch screen adds to its easy to use functionality and fast programming ability. The new 180SW Orbital TIG welding machine features a permanent gas flow function which enables much shorter pre-gas cycles, drastically reducing overall welding time.

The new machine has a newly designed outer casing featuring a folding lid which fully covers the screen and rotary dial switch, increasing protection and reducing likelihood of dust damage to frequently used parts.




Connection voltage

110 - 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase

Control range (Connection voltage > 160 V)

5 - 180 A

Power-on time

60% at 180 A
100% at 160 A


600 x 400 x 310 mm
23.6" x 15.7" x 12.2"


Orbital Welder Handbook - Understanding the Investment

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Jeremy Foster from OGM Engineering.


Turn an 80 hour job into 40 hours.

Weld engineers, quality control managers and project supervisors can easily view production results, weld procedures and real-time recorded weld data directly to their computer.

Unparalleled Quality

Relax knowing the unparalleled quality of the Orbimax Smart Orbital Welder is hard at work ensuring consistent results weld-by-weld.

Smart + Simple

Our vision is to connect the smart and simple. The Orbimax range of orbital welders are simple to use and easy roll out across a range of tasks, improving your productivity and ensuring staff can manage the task at hand.

When time is important and finding skilled staff difficult, the Orbimax Smart Orbital Welding range is here.

Work Smarter With The

Orbitalum 180SW Orbital Welder

Weld smarter and drive your business forward with improved productivity and the unparalleled quality of the Orbimax Smart Orbital Welder range.

Designed to get the job done efficiently knowing you can rely on a consistent turnaround time with unparalleled quality.

Several factors can be challenging to any tube welder, including:

Tight access around the tube can prevent repeatable and quality welds. Awkward positions and poor ability to see the weld can lead to problems, even for the most skilled operators.

Wind and air turbulence
TIG welding tube outdoors can prove to be very difficult. The argon gas shielding the weld pool can easily be disturbed, leading to common problems such as porosity and tungsten inclusions to the weld.

Welding tubes, especially in position, is hard on the body. Constantly changing position to get the best desired results can quickly wear out operators, causing mental and physical fatigue. As a result, quality can be impacted.

Tube cleanliness is an often-overlooked challenge that tube welders face. A small amount of contaminant on the surface of tube ready to be welded can lead to far reaching effects.

Power Supplies, Weld Heads and Packages

Orbitalum 300 CA Power Source

Choose between the 180SW and 300 CA power supply makes using automatic weld programs simple. Specially designed to work with Orbitalum Weld Heads, these machines not only supply power to the heads, but also control weld head cooling in conjunction with its water delivery system.


Orbitalum OWS Series Weld Heads

The Orbitalum Slim Enclosed weld heads. Choose from a 3-38mm, 6-76mm or 19-115mm weld head.



Ready-to-weld packages include everything to start Orbital Welding. Your choice of an OWS series Weld Head and range of collets ready to go


Orbitalum 180SW Introduction

Orbitalum 180SW Welding Demonstration Video


Orbimax redefine welding with access to the right tools for every job, including automated and semi-automated equipment all designed to help you #WeldSmarter.


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Trusted Brand

Our equipment is built by welders, for welders. Made with care and craftsmanship that only comes industry experience.

Unparalleled Quality

We use the highest quality materials for our tools and equipment. Built tough to withstand harsh work environments.

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