TX38P Tube-to-Tubesheet Orbital Weld Head
TX38P Tube-to-Tubesheet Orbital Weld Head
TX38P Tube-to-Tubesheet Orbital Weld Head

TX38P Tube-to-Tubesheet Orbital Weld Head

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Welding heat exchanger tubes particular effectively and easily: With our new TX38P for automated TIG orbital welding you can now accurately and precisely weld tube sheets with heat exchanger tubes, such as thousands of welded joints on cooling tubes.In connection with an ORBITALUM orbital welding power supply, the user is being offered an extremely innovative and economical welding system. All ORBITALUM orbital welding power sources automatically detect the head and its properties so that the operator only has to call up his or her specified joining program and start the joining process before beginning to weld. To increase productivity, the operator can work with up to two weld heads on one machine in an alternating fashion, which reduces welding times and downtimes considerably.

  • Lightweight, hand-held TIG orbital weld head designed for welding of tubes-to-tube-sheets in fusion welding process
  • Precise working conditions in any position to achieve high-quality results on horizontal or vertical tube sheets
  • A pneumatically operated clamping mandrel with one-hand operation enables a fast assembly and dismantling on tube sheets
  • Applicable for flush tubes, slightly recessed tubes and protruding tubes
  • Also compatible with AMI clamping mandrels, model 96
  • Service friendly design of the clamping and drive system within the housing
  • One-hand operation through integrated remote control and pneumatic control
  • via handle
  • Self-supporting weld head at the tube sheet via stable clamping mandrels (eyelet for spring balancer available)
  • Closed water circuit from the welding power supply via cable to the slide contact; thereby higher durability at a low thermal load
  • Closed cover for inert gas ƒÂ¢¢â€šÂ¬…¡ideal for oxidation sensitive materials, e.g. titanium materials
  • Limit switch for the electrode position; thus, the start position is freely selectable
  • Integrated rapid adjustment of the electrode position to the tube diameter
  • Constant or pulsating rotor movement possible (CONT-STEP-Mode)
  • Sturdy, speed-regulated 24-volt driving motor with a reduction gear
  • Water-cooled slide contact for transmission of welding current prevents rotary transmission and leakages


Mounting Method:
ID Mount

Pipe Range Inside Diameter (ID) to Outside Diameter (OD):
0.394in-1.5in (10.0076mm-38.1mm)

Operating Weight:


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