Increase Capacity Without Increasing Staff

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Maximise your welding capacity without adding to your head count.

"Did you know, 80% of Australian manufacturers suffer from staff and skills shortages in Welding? Profits are reduced as a result, and jobs are turned away as companies are restricted from growth."

Manufacturers in Australia face a multitude of challenges that have a significant impact on commercial viability, growth, and success. A shortage of skilled labour makes it difficult to find the expertise needed to meet the rising demand for manufacturing, while rising production costs fueled by raw materials, energy, and transportation, are putting additional pressure on businesses trying to remain competitive.


With these challenges threatening your profitability and relevance in such a competitive market, businesses need to find innovative solutions to stay competitive. Proactive companies are investing in automated welding processes to mitigate these challenges and find innovative solutions to increase their capacity without increasing staff.


The state-of-the-art Orbimax Collaborative Welding Robots (Cobots) allow you to increase production, meet deadlines, and fulfill orders with ease - all while reducing the burden on your current staff.

Say goodbye to the challenges of managing a busy welding operation with limited personnel. With an Orbimax Cobot you’ll achieve a new level of efficiency, accuracy and productivity, freeing up your team to focus on other critical tasks.

Collaborative Welding Robot Close Up

Key Benefits of Orbimax Collaborative Welding Robots (Cobots):

Orbimax Collaborative Welding Robots (Cobot's) offer a range of compelling advantages that can significantly alleviate the difficulties faced by businesses across the country. They are a revolutionary solution that is establishing a new era of efficiency and productivity for Australian manufacturers.

Reduce Labour Costs:

Cobot's can weld with speed 24hrs a day, 7 days a week - with unwavering precision and quality, effectively reducing labour costs and increasing production output.

As a result, the demand for skilled labour is significantly reduced, freeing up your valuable human resources for more high-value tasks and allowing you to manage production bottlenecks.

Energy Efficiency:

Traditional equipment may run continuously, consuming energy even when idle. In contrast, Orbimax Cobot's are engineered to consume only the energy needed to perform the welding task, contributing to a substantial reduction in overall energy costs. This ability to eliminate waste associated with excessive consumption allows businesses to allocate resources more efficiently, bolstering profitability and making a positive contribution to a more sustainable and eco-conscious world.

Reduce Errors and Waste:

Cobots produce high-quality welds at a lower cost, giving you a competitive edge. Smart real-time monitoring and data analysis capabilities allow you to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing human error and minimising waste.

If you can use a phone, you can program the Orbimax Collaborative Welding Robot (Cobot) for all your repetitive welding tasks with ease. Allowing your skilled welders to focus on managing more full-custom, advanced tasks which frees up your production bottlenecks.

Safety Benefits:

Orbimax Cobot's are designed to work alongside your existing welders as an extra tool in their toolbelt. Unlike traditional Robot's there is no need for expensive safety barriers and dedicated workshop space.

Orbimax Cobot's are also highly efficient in terms of safety and cost-effectiveness, which are crucial aspects of any manufacturing operation. They are immune to harmful welding fumes, radiation burns, and sparks - providing protection for employee health, and resulting in lower medical costs, absenteeism, and liability.

By minimising the costs associated with regulations and accidents, Cobots offer a compliant solution for manufacturing operations - working alongside your existing welders.

Ease of Implementation:

Integrating Orbimax Cobot's into existing production lines is a seamless process.

There is a reduced need for extensive retooling and minimum downtime, ensuring a smooth transition to automation. Orbimax Cobot's offer a full turn-key solution, ensuring immediate benefits upon implementation.

Easy programming with step-by-step video guides and integration enhances training efficiency and provides the flexibility needed to adapt to changing demands.

"If you can use a mobile phone, you can program a Cobot!"

Orbimax Collaborative Welding Robot in Action

Orbimax Cobot's are powerful solutions for manufacturers striving to meet demand and outpace the competition without the need for more staff.

With a track record of success and user-friendly integration, they are instrumental in enhancing competitiveness, increasing profitability, and making working environments safer. Cobot's are a strategically sound investment for welding operations looking to boost their ability and take efficiency to the next level.\

"As a business owner, we have seen the game-changing impact that the Cobot Welders have had on our business. With their ability to work around the clock, these machines have the output of multiple staff members and significantly increased our productivity and efficiency. The precision and speed of the automation, combined with the versatility of human skill, has led to a reduction in errors and waste, and a boost in our bottom line." John Harman - BFSM



 Alleviate your bottlenecks – download the Orbimax Cobot Welder brochure.

Ultimate Guide To Welding With Cobots

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