Pipe Welding Made Simple: 8 Benefits of Orbital Welding

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The welding and fabrication industry faces challenges supporting consistent, high-quality welds while keeping up with production levels. Manual welding has become a bottleneck to quality and production. Even the most skilled welders experience fatigue and human error, causing rework, delays, and potential loss of revenue.

Welding automation, particularly orbital welding, can address difficulties and help bridge the gap between the supply available and the industry's demand. Orbital welding systems offer safe, cost-effective and easy-to-use technology that is capable of producing consistent, high-quality welds and increasing productivity.

Orbitalum Mobile Welder Orbitalum 180SW
  1. Increased Productivity
    Orbital welding systems are highly efficient and can significantly improve productivity compared to manual welding. With the ability to weld continuously, these systems can complete a job much faster, translating into significant cost savings. The cost of an orbital welding system can easily be recovered due to its increased productivity in outperforming manual welders day-in and day-out.
  2. Short Learning Process & Quick Set-up
    The skills required to operate an Orbital Welder are comparably light, in contrast to the years of mastery required for TIG welding. Orbital welding equipment requires minimal training and setup and removes the need for a certified welding operator - an increasingly scarce resource. Instead, a skilled mechanic with welding training is sufficient. The user-friendliness of orbital welders also makes them accessible to novice welders.

  3. Extensive Data Logging
    The extensive data logging on the Orbitalum orbital welders includes the ability to track every weld and transfer data via an integral Multi-Card Reader. With electronic data capture, you can automate your documentation while advanced technology monitors the welding process and captures real-time data. This information is then electronically transferred to a computer where it is formatted for statistical analysis.

  4. Assured High Quality & Control
    Orbital welding produces welds of unparalleled quality. This method is essential for meeting the weld quality standards of high-purity applications such as semiconductor or pharmaceutical tube welding. Due to greater control throughout the welding process and the inert atmosphere created by the enclosed weld head, orbital welding ensures repeatable, reliable, and high-purity welds. As a result, businesses in these industries can rest assured that the unmatched precision provided by orbital welding will meet their exacting standards.

  5. Automated Consistency
    An orbital welding system can perform the same weld repeatedly without the normal variability, inconsistencies, errors, and defects of manual welding once a welding program has been established.

  6. Great Versatility
    Welding techniques are versatile and are suitable for applications where the tube or pipe cannot be rotated. It is ideal for welding in tight spaces where the physical size of the welding device is restricted. Weld heads can be used in rows of boiler tubing, where it would be challenging for a manual welder to use a welding torch or view the weld joint. Overall, orbital welding is a reliable solution that offers efficiency, accuracy, and consistency.

  7. Safety
    Orbital Welders have the safest connections and fewer potential leak paths throughout the system. Weighing a total of only 26kg, the Orbitalum models are lightweight and portable making them easy to take onto the job site without the risk of any major injuries.

  8. Reduce Wages
    Paying a certified welder to manually complete your welds is costly. While there are times that a manual weld is required, most of the time an orbital welder is far more efficient, getting the job done faster to a higher standard. When properly thought out, the purchase of an orbital welder will quickly pay for itself through the increased work capacity and quality. In some cases, up to 50% has been saved on labour costs by using an orbital welder.

Orbitalum Mobile Welder  Orbitalum Mobile Welder and Accessories

Orbital welding systems are introducing an era of safe, efficient, and cost-effective operation.

By increasing quality assurance and consistency of performance, they have created an expectation for repeatable and high-purity welds that is welcomed in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

The ability to create great welds in many situations where a manual welder would struggle only adds to the appeal of orbital welders. Overall, companies should see orbital welding as a reliable solution that offers higher efficiency, accuracy and consistency and saves them money while freeing up manual labour for more technical jobs.

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