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How to optimise your welding workspace

In any industry, an optimal workspace means it’s easier to work and be more productive. When you don’t have to be concerned about safety, comfort, access to the right equipment or peripheral issues related to the work environment, you can focus and get on with the task at hand. A welding workshop is no different and having your space optimised means a higher rate of productivity.

Improving a welding workshop boosts welding safety and in turn enhances welder performance, ensuring high-quality welds. With a properly designed workspace, you can increase productivity and reduce any unnecessary lost time – be it looking for tools or manoeuvring to complete the job.

Let’s look at some key tips for improving your welding work environment…

1. Optimise Space: Lose All the Clutter

Clutter poses an obvious risk within any workplace, and this is especially true within the welding industry. Not only is clutter disengaging to work around, but it also creates unnecessary issues with organisation and. In any industry, including welding and fabrication, having a well organised space is vital.

Disorganisation and discomfort can cause several distractions and make work unnecessarily challenging. One key tip is to declutter common areas and avoid a messy workspace to prevent potential mistakes or accidents. Label each piece of equipment and every piece of tooling, and each object should have a known storage place and be placed there when not in use. This place should be known to the business, so that when other co-workers or contractors require a tool or piece of equipment, it is in the right place and placed back there after use.

2. Get comfy

Creating an ideal work environment for employees is integral to success. It’s also worth focusing on comfort: A comfortable welding area means clean, safe, and protected, with superior lighting for operators, and efficient heating and cooling systems year-round. Where possible, having a climate-controlled area makes welders more comfortable and having access to the correct protective equipment is key to maintaining a safe workplace.

Having a well-equipped workplace in a comfortable environment will lead to better performance and productivity. This in turn helps your bottom line, as well as helping company culture attract skilled labour, giving you a competitive advantage when hiring.

3. Use correct positioning and form

Repetitive strain or prolonged uncomfortable postures can result in injury — or even the need for costly and time-consuming rework due to poor quality welds. Whenever possible, place the workpiece flat and move it into the most comfortable position. It’s also important to maintain a clean working environment. In addition, operator comfort can be maximised by using stable posture and avoiding awkward body positioning, and by not working in one position for long periods. When welding in a seated position, operators should also have the workpiece slightly below elbow level. When the application requires standing for long periods, use a footrest. Tools such as the Orbimax Tacking Clamps are designed so welders no longer must hold pipe or tube in place or configure a weld in an uncomfortable position.

4. Be user friendly 

Having the right pieces of equipment, that are easy to operate, promote operator comfort, and utilise proper welding technique and form are all important steps toward achieving a comfortable, safe work environment for welders. Lightweight welding guns with appropriate handle and neck designs for the job and for the operator can help achieve safe and productive results. The reduction of heat stress, wrist and neck fatigue and repetitive motions can also help decrease overall physical and mental stress for welding operators. To achieve optimal results with ultimate comfort and ease, consider utilising automated Orbital welding machines.

Orbimax Fully Equipped Workstation

Get to the next level

If you’re looking to step up your workshop, grow your business and provide more services having your workshop in orders is a critical step.

There are several key considerations when optimising a welding workspace:

A more efficient and comfortable work environment will have benefits of higher levels of production, and efficiency, as well as being safe in the knowledge the workspace is compliance and adheres to safety measures. Having the right equipment, machinery, tools and safety equipment and sufficient supply levels ensures there is no wasted time awaiting a piece of equipment.



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