Four ways to improve welding efficiency

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Like all businesses, welding and fabrication are looking to move ahead and identify ways to improve efficiency. Being able to produce high quality welds consistently is a key to success and at Orbimax, we’re always looking for way to improve efficiency and productivity to help you #WeldSmarter.

Four ways you can improve welding efficiency 

The Orbimax range is made by welders, for welders and each piece of equipment and tooling are designed with efficiency in mind. Here are four ways you can improve efficiency in your workshop:

  1. Orbital Welding Machine – these machines store 500+ programs and assist welders in making consisted tacks and welds every time. The Orbitalum 180SW Smart Welder is the latest in Orbital Welding and reduces the need for difficult manoeuvring and positions that would otherwise be needed in manual welding. This helps with safety while giving consistent repeatability, and the ability to view results, weld procedures, and real-time weld data directly to a PC. Check out the Orbitalum 180SW Orbital Welder here.

  2. Tack and Cut with precision with our engineered tacking and cutting clamp. Create a perfectly aligned weld and ensure straight, clean cuts every time. Reduce fatigue and time lost from fitting up tube. Tacking and cutting clamps are designed to make sure your tube is aligned, maintain the joint gap, control distortion and movement, and hold each piece in place. Check out our Tacking Clamps here.

  3. Optimise your workspace – to improve efficiency, a well-equipped and well organised workshop is critical. Our workstations help the everyday welder and contractor to have everything set up in one place, and ready to go for any project. Check the Orbimax workstation packages and the ultimate welding workstation.

  4. Automation – improve efficiency by embracing technology and innovation through automation and semi-automation Whether it’s the Rotoweld 3.0 for large diameter pipe spool welding, a Cobot or Orbital Welder to assist welders - get ahead of competitors, step up and expand your business through automation. Automation frees up skilled welders to focus on more intricate pieces, while knowing that automation devices will give you a consistent weld.


Weld Smarter with Orbimax

Helping improve efficiency in your workshop, boosts productivity and assist you in getting ahead of your competitors. With a properly set up workshop, you can offer more products and services and expand your business.

With tooling and equipment designed to improve efficiency, achieve the perfect weld and Weld Smarter with Orbimax.


#WeldSmarter with Obrimax, get in touch and arrange a demo.


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