Get ahead of your competitors with welding automation.

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Automation helps businesses create a competitive advantage, which frees up the highly skilled welding professionals so they can focus on performing more challenging and often, more time involved tasks.

Adding another tool to the toolbox gives even the most diehard welders an extra hand at completing time consuming repetitive tasks.

Users that have a genuine interest and motivation to learn and understand, will be able to achieve great results and high levels of productivity from the automated device.

If a welder has experience in arc welding (GMAW and GTAW) it is easier to train them to use automated machines. Similarly, those that can troubleshoot potential problems and have a mechanical skillset will be set up for success with automation.

A huge benefit of automation is that welders and labourers alike can be trained to use automated machines, often within around one week, with both onboarding and ongoing support from manufacturers such as Rotoweld and Hirebotics, all working to help you #WeldSmarter and improve productivity.

Welding is considered automated when even just a part of the process is mechanised, and not performed by hand. However, many automation devices, particularly Cobots (collaborative robots), work in unison with welders. It is only considered completely automated when robots manage the entire process from start to finishing, including handling parts and executing the weld. Let’s learn more about Cobots.

Safety Improved

With automation there is less hands-on welding required by the welder, improving the safety of workers and the workplace. With pre-programmed part positioning, welding motion, and integrated safety devices (guards, automatic shut off etc), this means there is less exposure and less need for operators to be in the designated “work zone”.

The use of weld positioners means less handling of materials and fewer part pickups during the welding process, reducing the potential for human error and worker fatigue, improving overall operator safety. Through automated devices, potential hazards are reduced, with some even eliminated.

With integrated collision sensors and configurable safety zones, your operations can benefit from safe automation in addition to removing humans from dangerous and repetitive tasks.


Improve Productivity

Automated machines can weld at high speeds without fatigue and are properly designed and engineered to improve weld integrity and consistency. Repeatable torch placement and height control in the weld joint improves overall weld quality and helps reduce the number of poor-quality welding. With programmed welding, the level of dependence on skilled operators or welder is reduced; everything is completed the same way, every time.

An automated system results in faster welding cycle times for part fabrication, reducing the number of times human intervention is needed, generating predicable and repeatable production runs.  These devices can run autonomously, allowing operators and welders to multitask and focus on other jobs or parts, enhancing overall output and productivity.

In addition, with less dependence on manual welding, everything is completed the same way, every time, reducing costs by welding faster with a perfectly consistent weld. This allows the skills of experienced welders to be used in other stages or other areas of the business, where human skill and capabilities are required, such as more intricate welds.


It’s easy to see how automated and robotic welding solutions deliver significant benefits for many manufacturers - from improved productivity and reduced costs to faster operator training.

Automated welding is more than just the arc time, it is also about improving safety, quality, and efficiency of the material handling process and cycle times component. Let’s keep the arc burning and the world running.


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