Cobot vs Robot - What's the difference?

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You may have heard the term “Cobot” and wondered exactly what it means. While the term automation covers quite a lot of ground, Cobot refers to Collaborative welding robot.

Cobot’s are typically robotic arms paired with implements, in our case welding torches and equipment, designed to work closely alongside human operators. Cobots typically have lower operating speeds and greater safety measures in place to remove the potential for accidents and hazards, making them a collaborative part of your team, adding another tool to your workforce.

Conversely, robots operate at higher speeds and due to the potential for injury, extensive safety measures are required and are usually placed inside a separate zoned off area such as a cell or cage, and work independently from humans.

Typically, robotic welders require larger investments in equipment and in training staff. With built in safety features, Cobots work alongside the operator, and allows users to work alongside the Cobot and share the same space. This provides higher flexibility than robots with a lower overall investment.


Key Benefits of Cobot Welders


  1. Work Collaboratively and Safely - A cobot is another tool in your welders toolbox, allowing for repetitive tasks to be completed while you focus on other more critical tasks.

  2. Easy to Program - Learn to weld using a Cobot in minutes and become and expert in no time.

  3. Increase Productivity - Moving repetitive tasks to a Cobot frees up your skilled welders to focus on more important tasks, increasing your production.

Cobots at work – a true collaboration

Welding is considered automated when even just a part of the process is mechanised, and not performed by hand. However, many automation devices, particularly Cobots, work in unison with welders. It is only considered completely automated when robots manage the entire process from start to finish, including handling parts and executing the weld.

With companies facing challenges in today’s business environment, including a long-running shortage of qualified welders being compounded by long lead times with supply chain issues and volatile prices for raw materials; many welding companies have decided the best answer to these issues is to invest in welding automation – including Cobot packages.

The efficiency of welding Cobots allows your company to be able to accept more jobs, offer a wider range of services and speed up your time-to-market. At Orbimax, we offer automated welding solutions and partner with companies such as Hirebotics, to offer you the latest in Cobot technology.

“Cobots are simple to program and create perfect welds every time. The fact that I can work alongside a Cobot, while programming it to complete a part of the process, frees me up and makes any welding project even easier. For repetitive welding, it’s a real game changer and another tool to create the perfect weld and make welders more efficient”

- Brandon Arnot, Orbimax Welding Specialist 

A safe, practical solution

Where traditional robots must be fenced off to safeguard and protect workers from being injured in a robot collision, Cobots are smaller, more manageable devices with slower speeds, eliminating the potential risk of injury. Cobots excel at repetitive, monotonous welding, and in turn, free up experienced welders so they can spend time on other critical tasks. 

An additional benefit of welding Cobot devices is that they offer user friendly programming interfaces, making them easier to pick up and learn, putting them into production quicker. Many small and medium-sized businesses simply do not have the resources or robotics expertise internally to teach and guide other welders, nor the capital to hire robotic experts as contractors. By utilising an accessible tool like a Cobot, your welders can use it without needing a background or knowledge in programming. Welders can quickly learn to use the Cobot, meaning there is less downtime, faster setup, more production, and a greater return on investment.


Weld Smarter with Cobots

Cobots have several benefits for any business, from improving efficiency with fast setup and the ability to take on more business to straightforward programming. With Cobot technology, it’s easy to see the return on investment.


#WeldSmarter with Obrimax, get in touch and arrange a demo.


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