The future of automated pipe welding. Introducing Rotoweld 3.0

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The Rotoweld 3.0 is the future of large diameter automated pipe welding - providing seamless welds in fast turnaround times, resulting in higher ROI and revenue.

With the recent impact of supply chains and challenges in sourcing qualified labour, the Rotoweld allows you to fully train less experienced welders in only days, letting you increase your productivity by up to 400%.

Benefit your business

Rotoweld 3.0 is a smart investment for any business requiring consistent and seamless welds in today’s competitive fabrication industry. Let’s face it, with increased demand on services combined with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, experienced pipe welders are difficult to find.

As a result, fabricators are looking at ways in which they can increase productivity while still delivering high-quality products and reducing any potential delays in production.

Furthermore, having access to information related to your production line is crucial to making sound operational and business decisions, and Rotoweld 3.0 offers Prodatalog – a tracking and quality control software that records every single weld conducted on the Rotoweld, from the weld puddle camera to the welding power source and torch positions. This allows you to make informed choices and see a snapshot of the day to identify any unplanned interruptions that may need further investigating.

Seamless solution from start to finish

The Rotoweld 3.0 is a genuine turnkey solution with one-touch welding control that requires minimal intervention from the welder. By providing not only free software updates but ongoing support and training when needed through an international network of partners, your business benefits from a truly first-class support service.

With minimal welding experience necessary, the Rotoweld allows you to achieve high-quality welds every single time with easy set up and operation. Companies have seen up to a 400% increase in productivity, 90% arc-on-time and a 5 x faster than manual SMAW or GTAW, operator friendly interface.

In addition, the Rotoweld 3.0 integrates machine vision, adaptive control, and robotic technology in a dedicated package that produces superior, full penetration 1G girth welds five times faster than manual SMAW.

Repeatability and consistency are key to welding, and perfect reproducibility of torch and pipe positioning are made easy thanks to the rail-based design, robotised torch positioner and a proprietary software featuring advanced built-in welding programs that go well beyond basic welding limitations.


The ease of use and reliability of standard components

The Rotoweld 3.0 is specialised in automated pipe spool welding with every part and component engineered to ensure the highest standards of productivity, quality, and reliability. Thanks to the 4D Synergy welding technology, minimal welding experience is required.

The Rotoweld 3.0 sets the standard in welding innovation and is the perfect solution to improve productivity and stay competitive.



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