Weld smarter! Invest in your business, increase productivity and get ahead of your competitors.

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As in any facet of life, efficiency allows for increased productivity and shorter turnaround times.

With a strategic approach to projects and identifying any potential pain points or barriers, you are working smarter, rather than ploughing through and crossing problems as they appear in an ad hoc manner – aka working harder.

Working smarter focuses on prioritising efficiency above all else. Smart work simply implies being more efficient – that is, completing the task without feeling completely fatigued or drained, often in shorter turnaround times so you can free up the task to move onto the next priority.  

Working smarter also may cover complementing skill set amongst workers to achieve a greater goal, and even delegating and outsourcing tasks to those who possess specific skills, rather than attempting to be a jack of all trades.

People often get perplexed by the term efficiency, which can be thrown around quite a lot in business nomenclature. Put simply, efficiency is being effective and useful with your input and resources, being able to accomplish a job with the minimum expenditure of time and effort. I.e., wasting the least amount of time, effort, and resources, while still having a high quality and competent output.  


At Orbimax, we embrace smart + simple thinking and create products that help you optimise this efficiency, so you can #WeldSmarter.


Weld Smarter with Orbimax 

With Orbimax, we envision the future and design products to help businesses work smarter by being able to #WeldSmarter.

By utilising tools and equipment, our focus is on your business outputting high quality welds with a reduction in lost effort and time, alleviating welder fatigue and inconsistencies in welds. We do this by using a combination of tried-and-true tooling and equipment with a vision towards the future of welding automation, software, and robotics. All designed so you can increase productivity and get ahead of your competitors.

Invest in your business and help address critical labour shortages. By investing in your business through smart + simple welding technology you give your staff an extra tool that increases productivity.

In the current climate of labour shortages and the effects of the 2019 global pandemic still reeling and having a direct impact on businesses, automated programmable welding helps fill the void when work is critical and labour resources are under stress.


Our top 10 Smart Tools designed to save time, improve efficiency, and improve your bottom line.

With a number of tools and tailored workstation packages, we can help your workplace to be as efficient as possible, seeing improvements not only in the consistency and quality of your welds, but also in regard to return on investment, productivity and revenue.

With labour shortages and skilled labour being difficult to secure, our tools take out the guess work. With both manual and automated solutions, the Orbimax range aids both the experienced welder, and the new to the industry welder.

Whether it’s our versatile, one-of-a-kind tacking clamps, automated solutions such as the Rotoweld and Cobot, or our state-of-the-art TIG TX welding machines and complete, fully equipped workstations, we’ll help you to #WeldSmarter.  

  1. Orbital Welders 
  2. Rotoweld 
  3. Cobot 
  4. Semi-Automation 
  5. TX Series TIG Welders
  6. Tacking Clamps 
  7. Packages 
  8. Workstations 
  9. Purge Kits 
  10. GF Pipe Cutting & Bevelling Machines

                    Orbimax was founded by welders, for welders. If you’re looking to save time, improve efficiency and your bottom line, look no further. We offer the highest quality tools, all designed with the user in mind. Tried and tested in our workshop, these tools are battle ready, whatever you want to throw at them, they are designed to withstand harsh work environments and built to last.


                    Some work harder, while others work smarter. To ramp up productivity and give your business the opportunity to take on more work, and provide the best possible service without hesitation, step up and #WeldSmarter with Orbimax.  

                    Our full-service range, backed by warranty and support service means you don’t have to worry.

                    Tough, rugged, and built to last, let’s work together and #WeldSmarter

                    Cobot GF Cutting & Bevelling Machines Orbital Welders Packages Rotoweld Semi-Automated Tacking Clamps TX Series TIG Welders Weld Smarter Workstation

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