Redefining Tube Welding – the ALL-NEW Orbimax Tacking Clamps

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Made with efficiency in mind

Built to improve efficiency, the Orbimax Tacking Clamp was designed to aid welders and metal fabricators - from hobbyists and apprentices, to welding professionals with decades of experience, to create a perfectly aligned weld and straight, clean cuts. Making tacking and cutting effortless while saving you time and money.

Put simply, the clamp holds together tube for tacking and cutting, giving you a perfectly aligned weld and clean cut every time, so you can complete projects with ease. This Smart + Simple tool is made to help you #WeldSmarter.

Do more with less

The Orbimax Tacking Clamps are uniquely designed as a true multi-purpose tool with double-sided jaws that provide ultimate functionality. Smartly created for both tacking and cutting, featuring six different jaw sizes that can be switched out quickly means you don’t need to build a fixture to assemble the pieces for your weldment.

To do this, we created a full kit design that fits a handle and a complete set of jaws ranging in sizes from 1-4 inch that assists in both tacking and cutting, all-in-one convenient stackable systainer.

Smart + Simple

At Orbimax, we embrace a Smart + Simple philosophy to make things even easier, leaving no margin for error. The Tacking Clamp is the first of its kind, with parts that are precision machined from solid premium billet steel and aluminium and nitride case-hardened jaws, these clamps create a perfectly aligned weld, and straight cuts every time. 

The Smart + Simple design ensures the tube pieces are aligned, maintains the joint gap and controls distortion and movement even under high temperatures, holding each piece in place. For precision tacking and flawless cuts, weld smarter, not harder with Orbimax.


If you’re looking to create perfectly aligned tacks and welds, and clean, seamless cuts, this multi-purpose hand tool is the perfect addition to your workshop. Save time and simplify the fabrication process with the Orbimax Tacking Clamp.

Available in a standard set with one handle and six sets of interchangeable jaws, and the dedicated handle set which includes six handles dedicated to each supplied jaw size. At Orbimax, we work to redefine efficiency so you can tack and cut like an expert, with everything at your fingertips – so you can #WeldSmarter.

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Smart + Simple

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