Introducing the all-new industrial-grade Orbimax TIG welders: TX and TXi Series

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Introducing the all new Orbimax TX and TXi industrial-grade TIG welders, designed to conquer both simple tasks and advanced, full-feature welding applications with greater efficiency for reliable and quality production.

The Orbimax range sets benchmarks for modern welding with industry-leading features and technology backed by quality German-made components. When working in harsh conditions, the tough rugged design of the TX and TXi range protect the electronics of the machine, letting you get on with the job in confidence. Lightweight and portable, these welders are simple to operate with smart programming and intuitive features, allowing you to take control and create perfect welds.

3yr Warranty Made In Germany 

The Orbimax TX Welders are single-phase industrialised machines designed for professional welders where quality and precision are integral. Designed by welders, for welders, our German-made machines feature digital displays that offer an intuitive welding control experience. They put you in control to deliver the flexibility you need to perfect your weld.

Designed with a simplified and straightforward control panel and equipped with the latest technology to aid your operation, the smart technology gives you the control you need to fully customise your weld. Conquer both simple and advanced applications with greater efficiency and reliability.

Orbimax TX Welder Control Panel

Orbimax TX Welder Features:

High Frequency Start

High Frequency (HF) Start uses touchless ignition created by high voltage pulses between your work surface and the torch, allowing you to avoid tungsten contamination to achieve more hygienic, faster and smoother welds.

High Speed Pulse

High-Speed Pulse is excellent for welding on thin wall materials as it allows you to create your perfect weld faster. ‘Hyper Pulse’ creates a narrow weld pool that solidifies faster, allowing for materials 0.1mm and above in thickness to be welded faster and more effectively.

Cold Tacking

Cold Tacking creates a rapid weld pool, speeding up your welding process while preventing excessive heat input and discoloration with 'Smart Spot Tacking.' Save your time by managing heat control, delivering precise spot tacking, and ensuring a clean, controlled welding experience.

Smart Programming

Smart Programming gives you the ability to utilise existing weld presets or create your own custom programs. This provides flexibility and saves you time by switching between up to 99 saved presets and different welds quickly.

Smart Dual Wave

Smart Dual Wave for welding aluminium and brass alternates between AC and DC while removing the oxide layer. This which calms the weld pool, resulting in reduced pore formation and significant quality improvements.

Lift Arc

Lift Arc facilitates a seamless contact ignition achieved through a gentle and precise interaction between your work surface and the TIG electrode. This simplifies the welding process and ensures a clean and controlled start, minimising arc disruption and enhancing the overall welding experience.

Introducing the Orbimax TXi Welders, an elevated welding machine with a smart, innovative design crafted to advance the art of professional welding. These machines inherit all the exceptional qualities of the TX series, and then some.

With heightened efficiency and increased productivity, Orbimax TXi Welders set the benchmark for contemporary TIG welding. They don't just weld; they empower you to enhance your profit margins, streamline operations, and ensure reliable weld quality through a smart and simple welding process. Featuring exclusive welding processes and an intuitive interface, they are more than capable of taking on any welding task with ease.

Orbimax TXI Welder Control Panel

Orbimax TXi Welder Extra Features:

BI-Power Inverter

BI-Power Inverter coupled with a 100% duty cycle, equips the Orbimax TXi welder with a high power and lightweight design. This results in a TIG welding machine that significantly enhances its welding properties, ensuring precision and superior performance in every weld.

iSystem Plug & Play

I-System Plug and Play offers a user-friendly and effortless setup process, simplifying the integration of added components into the welding process. This streamlines customisation, making it easier for you to tailor your equipment to specific needs, enhancing flexibility and efficiency.

Sirius Operating System

The Sirius Operating System displays your essential information in a simple and intuitive format, making it effortless for you to monitor everything in one quick glance.

Power Factor Controller

Power Factor Controller (PFC) corrects phase shifting and peaks in the current, ensuring regulated power consumption based on the voltage at each moment and reducing overall power usage.

Our all-new industrial-grade Orbimax TIG welders are highly advanced and intelligent machines. Designed to tackle both simple welds and advanced projects with top-quality German components, they deliver superior performance, durability, and ease of use.

With our simple industry-leading technology, the TX and TXi welders make your work effortless and efficient. Experience the future of welding with Orbimax and let us show you how you can promote smart and simple welding at your workshop.


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