Introducing the all-new industrial-grade Orbimax MIG welders: MX and MXi Series

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Introducing the Orbimax MX and MXi series of industrial-grade MIG welders - the perfect combination of smart + simple technology, designed to weld all day, every day.

Made in Germany and built tough for the Australian market, these machines come equipped with industry-leading features and technology to improve quality and consistency. Moreover, through Focus Arc Technology, toxic welding fumes can be reduced by up to 70%, creating a safer working environment. These machines feature a simple step switch configuration to ensure reliable production quality and easy welding.
3yr Warranty Made In Germany 

The Orbimax MX Welders are intelligent machines designed to operate around the clock, with an intuitive welding control experience. These machines feature top-quality components, including an intelligent digital display that allows for simplified navigation and smart programming to assist your operation.

The Orbimax MIG welding range offers a competitive advantage with its smart and simple technology, making it the perfect solution for a reliable and efficient welding experience. With the Orbimax MX Welders, you can be assured of superior performance, exceptional durability, and ease of use.


MX Welder Control Panel Direct Close Up


Orbimax MX welder Features:

Focus Arc
Focus Arc Technology achieves superior results by optimising arc stability and control. This innovative technology ensures consistent weld quality and reduces spatter, resulting in cleaner and more precise welds. With improved heat distribution, it enhances penetration depth, which is essential for welding efficiency and consistently achieving top-quality results in your projects.
Stepless Dynamic Inductance (SDI)Stepless Dynamic Inductance (SDI) technology gives you superior ignition and a highly stable arc with adjustable heat input. This enables you to finely adjust your arc and digitally monitor the arc voltage, weld current, and wire feed speed. This means you can customise your welds for thinner materials to achieve your perfect weld.
Smart Machine Control (SMC)Smart Machine Control (SMC) ensures precise control of the weld arc length achieving safe and easy production. Intelligent microprocessors support consistent arc length and quickly adjust to changes, improving overall quality.
Synergic FunctionsSynergic Functions can set up weld programs automatically by selecting material type and thickness. This puts you in control, provides flexibility, and reduces the time you spend achieving perfect welds.
Penetration StabliserPenetration Stabiliser detects changes in your position and adjusts the arc power accordingly. This results in uniform penetration and improved weld quality. Used with the Stepless Dynamic Inductance feature it automatically adjusts the wire feeder and power based on fluctuations in the voltage main.
Duty Cycle
Duty Cycle is 100% at 26A (MAX 404) and 320A (MAX 504), making it the best in the industry and allowing you to weld all day and improving your productivity and efficiency.
Water Cooled & Gas Cooled Welder
Offers the advantage of both water-cooled and gas-cooled welding options, meeting all your welding demands to maintain optimal operating temperatures and allowing welders to work tirelessly all day.


The Orbimax MXi Pulse series is ideal for professional welding applications in workshop and worksite settings. Offering the best of the MX series but with new and improved welding technology, these welders offer you a perfect balance of functionality and advanced capabilities. They come equipped with an intuitive interface and exclusive processes that make welding tasks effortless, no matter how complex they may be. With the MXi welders, you can confidently tackle welding jobs with ease and efficiency.


MXi Welder Control Panel Direct Close Up


Orbimax MXi Welder Extra Features:

Power Pulse

Power Pulse is ideal for efficient steel, stainless steel, and aluminium welding. It gives you an optimum TIG-like finish, using very little heat and reducing the weld temper colour. 

Focus Root Technology

Focus Root Technology leverages specialised pulse techniques for precise heat management and controlled arc stability to minimise spatter, promote cleaner welds, and ensure consistently high-quality results. While also improving penetration depth to give better structural integrity, strength, durability, and overall quality of the end-product, offering welders unparalleled control and excellence. (only available on the MXi Smart model)

Sirus Operating System

The Sirius Operating System displays your essential information in a simple and intuitive format, making it effortless for you to monitor everything in one quick glance.

Power Factor Controller (PFC)

Power Factor Controller (PFC) corrects phase shifting and peaks in the current, ensuring regulated power consumption based on the voltage at each moment and reducing overall power usage.

With top-quality components for superior performance, durability, and ease of use, our highly advanced and intelligent machines are designed to work around the clock. The industry-leading technology and the resulting simple production of these welders mean they are an ideal choice for professional welding applications in workshops and worksite settings. Whether your welding task is complex or simple, the MXi welding range can make it effortless and efficient. Experience the future of welding with Orbimax and let us show you how you can promote smart and simple welding at your workshop.


MX Series MIG Welders new products

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