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Orbitalum Mobile Welder

Introducing the Orbitalum Mobile Welder and Mobile Welder OC Plus.

In industries where a weld seam defines the hygiene rating, reliability and cost-effectiveness of equipment, there is an increasing challenge to meet the demand for consistent, high-quality welding. Over the years, Orbital Welding has become indispensable in the production industry as it is recognised as a dependable solution due to its consistently high-quality output and ability to free up time, reducing production bottlenecks.

With the introduction of the Orbitalum Mobile Welder and the Orbitalum Mobile Welder OC Plus, Orbitalum has given customers the unique opportunity of gaining access to the same automated orbital welding features found in the Orbitalum 180SW in a more portable, practical, and cost-effective solution. The new Mobile Welder variants allow for superior welding anywhere at any time, while offering state-of-the-art technology that allows the user to integrate manual welding functions for pipe tacking or more intricate welds, providing the flexibility to choose a orbital welder with increased usability.

Requiring little time and effort to set up, and minimal training to get started, these portable smart welders are designed for ease of use for entry-level welders. Automated welding procedures are easily accessed with a 7” touch screen display and clear, focused navigation menu enabling simple and easy operation.

Benefits of mobile orbital welders:

  • Consistently high standard for each and every weld.
  • Orbital welding functions and easy automatic creation of orbital welding programs mean simple, time-consuming, and repetitive welds can be made quick and easy.
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen, intuitive menu and automatic programming features ease your workload with minimum time and effort.
  • Weighing less than 21kg (Orbitalum Mobile Welder OC Plus) and ergonomic for easy transportation and improved productivity and user wellbeing.
  • Protective touchscreen cover and metal guards for front rotary.
  • Plug sockets prevent accidental damage during transport.

 The Orbitalum Mobile Welder comes as a basic package with a Gas-Cooled Open-Arc welding head, while the OC Plus is supplied with the Orbicool MW cooling unit.


Read more about the benefits of Orbital Welding vs. Manual Welding.

Orbitalum Mobile Welder_Controls

Designed with the perfect balance of weight and durability combined with a convenient carry handle and shoulder strap for maximum user comfort, the Orbitalum Mobile Welder and the OC Plus can master any challenge anywhere in modern pipeline construction with ease. These automated orbital welders allow for the easy and efficient production of repetitive welds with auto-programming while also offering full control for more precise or harder-to-access welds if required with the manual mode when you connect a torch.

The affordable price point and finance options available make these an excellent option for anyone seeking welding solutions that are affordable but still versatile, so are you Ready to Weld?



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