Need to improve weld quality on boiler tubes?

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Using Tube to Tubesheet Weldheads to weld boiler tubes - SFI Australia

The solution to poor quality welds on boiler tubes: Tube to Tubesheet Automated Welding.

The SFI team are pleased to support Australia and New Zealand with the highest quality orbital welding systems; Orbitalum (Formally known as GF George Fisher)

Many fabricators of heat exchangers in Australia are now advancing forward with the versatile TIG tube-to-tube-sheet welding heads - P16, P16 AVC, P20 and P24. These Orbital Weldheads are suitable for all tube-to-tube-sheet welding, box header welding, internal bore welding (IBW) and guarantee results with high precision and continuous quality. Together with the ORBIMAT CA advanced range of orbital welding controllers / power supplies you will get a state-of-the-art Orbital Welding System.

"Thanks SFI, we saved 50% of our labour costs!"


  • Easy and safe handling with most functionality
  • Completely water-cooled machine body (P16) and torch
  • Multifunctional adjustments of the electrode position
  • Up to 30° continuous swivelling TIG torch (P16,P20)
  • Rotating wire feed unit at torch axis (P16)
  • Precise centering by means of exchangeable mandrels

"Quoted an 80 hour job, got the Orbital onto it and did it in 40 hours!"

Tube to Tubesheet Weldhead P16

View Tube to Tubesheet Weldhead P16

Tube to Tubesheet Weldhead P20

View Tube to Tubesheet Weldhead P20

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