Orbital vs Manual TIG Welding

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Manual TIG Welding vs Orbital TIG Welding

There are many reasons for using orbital welding equipment over the traditional manual welding procedures. The most obvious reason is of course the ability to repeatedly make high quality, consistent welds, at a speed close to the maximum weld speed. Other benefits of using an Orbital Welder over manual TIG welding include benefits to:

Welding using a tube to tubesheet weldhead

The Welder

  1. Increased Productivity - orbital welding systems will easily out-perform manual welders as they can weld all day every day (this quickly pays for the cost of the orbital equipment in a single job)
  2. No Required Skill Level - With orbital welding equipment you don't need a certified welding operator (which are increasingly hard to find). A skilled mechanic with some weld training is all that is needed. Orbital welders are easy enough for the novice to use.
  3. Short Learning Process – learning the ropes with an Orbital Welder is a short process in comparison to TIG welding which can take years to master



high quality weld


The Weld

  1. High Quality – welds created by orbital welding are far superior to those created by manual welding. Orbital welding is the only way to conform with the weld quality requirements of semiconductor or pharmaceutical tube welding and other high-purity applications.
  2. Assured Quality - Repeatable, reliable, higher purity welds are assured as the welder has more control throughout weld process
  3. Automated Consistency - an orbital welding system can repeatedly perform the same weld hundreds of times once a weld program has been established. This eliminates the normal variability, inconsistencies, errors, and defects of manual welding.


Orbital welding application on boiler
The Application

  1. Safety - safest connections with fewer potential leak paths throughout the system
  2. Great Versatility - in applications where the tube or pipe cannot be rotated or where rotation of the part is not practical, orbital welding is the answer. Orbital welding is also ideal for tight spaces where the physical size of the welding device is limited. Weld heads may be used in rows of boiler tubing, where it would be difficult for a manual welder to use a welding torch or view the weld joint.
  3. Lightweight & Portable – total weight of only 26kg (Orbitalum models) makes it easy to take onto the jobsite
  4. Quick Set-up – only require input of tube diameter, wall thickness, material and welding gas (Orbitalum models)
  5. Extensive Data Logging - Ability to track every weld as well as transfer data via integral MultiCard-Reader (Orbitalum models). Electronic data capture also allows you to automate your documentation while state-of-the-art technology monitors weld process, captures and compiles real time data. This data is then electronically transferred to a computer where it is formatted for statistical analysis



example of where cost could be saved by using orbital welding

The Cost

  1. Wages – where you have to pay a certified welder to manually complete your welds, an orbital welder is far more efficient (gets the job done faster) and quickly pays for itself through the increased work capacity and quality. In some cases, up to 50% has been saved on labour costs by using an orbital welder.
  2. Quick ROI — improved technologies in these machines make them more affordable and a better solution for welding systems.


There are many other reasons why orbital equipment is superior to manual welding. For example, in applications where inspection of the internal weld is not practical for each weld, a sample weld coupon can be created. The logic holds that if the sample weld passes certification, successive welds created by an automatic machine with the same input parameters should also be sound.

So what has Orbital Welding done for other people? One user reported doing

“A hundred 4” welds in one day!”

while another

“Quoted an 80 hour job, got the orbital onto it and did it in 40 hours”

If you are wanting to cut costs and save time with stainless steel pipe or tube welding, this is the way to do it!

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