Welding inspection: is it important?

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Welding Inspection Kit

Welding inspection can mean different things to different people. The Australian standards and controlling documents list the qualifications required by inspection personnel. These standards and documents include functions from contract / drawing review to preparation for dispatch as tasks of a welding inspector.

Welding inspection is more than visually examining a weld to ensure it conforms to the standard with regard to weld discontinuities.  The standard AS1554.1-2011 states that ‘before and during the welding process, the inspector shall review  the set-up of work and make sure that  welds confirm with drawings, welding is carried out on specified equipment, correct procedures are being utilized and work is performed in accordance with the standard.

Typically Welding Inspection is controlled by an Inspection and Test Plan. Welding Inspection can include drawing review, material control, material cutting and shaping, process and operator qualification, material welding, production process control, dimensional control, NDT coordination, PWHT verification through to coating, dispatch, bolting procedures and preparation of manufacturing documentation (MDR’s).

The role of the inspector is to monitor progress which includes examining welds and ensuring all aspects meet the acceptance criteria which is often a mix of Australian standards and purchasers specifications.

The inspector has to clarify the contract codes and specifications and implement the intent of the document to construction. Highest quality is the target, but production cost, time lines are restraining factors. Delays must be avoided at all costs.

So what can we offer?

Experience in weld inspection shows that for organisations and individuals to manage quality they need access to precision welding inspection equipment

One gauge cannot do it all, different gauges have different functions and some perform certain functions better than others.  Having a complete welding inspection kit helps inspectors to streamline the inspection process and offer superior welding management and performance improvement.

Tools in our welding inspection kit include:

  • Fillet gauges
  • V-Wac gauge
  • Cam bridge gauge
  • Root taper gauge
  • Naka gauge
  • Hi-Lo gauge
  • Torch
  • Steel rule
  • 32mm telescopic mirror
  • 10 X microscope
Contents of Weld Inspection Kit


This kit will form a great basis for your inspection/quality control tool needs.

Weld Inspection Kit

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